What To Do If My SASSA Status Check Is Pending? 2024

Did you submit your SASSA R350 grant application, but it is still pending? Don’t worry because the following article has all details of the reasons and solutions for a pending status check of SASSA. You must know that the South Africa Social Security Agency offers a grant to people and helps them fulfill the basic needs of their life during difficult times. This grant is known as the SRD grant, which stands for Social Relief Of Distress. Let us dig into the following guide and find the causes and solutions for a Sassa status check pending.

SASSA is a government department that provides social development, protection, and welfare services to people. The SRD grant helps unemployed people, individuals who don’t have any source of income, and people who face financial crises. SASSA offers a grant of R350 per month to its people for six months and helps them fulfill their basic needs. Though this relief project helps many people, it might keep your status check pending. 

What To Do If My SASSA Status Check Is Pending?

Application Process

When a person applies for the SRD grant, his application enters the verification process. SASSA verifies your information from various departments to check all the details. Furthermore, some agencies and departments play a significant role in helping in the verification of your ID, name, and contact details. They also check if your entered details are correct or not. If any individual is found to have an income, SASSA will decline his application.

Reasons For A Pending Status Check

Although the payment procedure for the SRD R350 program is fast, it can take some time. Sometimes because of the overload and lack of funds, many checks are unsettled. Various factors can result in the delay of your status check. If there is a piece of misinformation in your documents, SASSA will delay your srd status check and double-check your details for verification. Moreover, your application might be under process because of a late verification procedure or an overload of applications.

SASSA verifies your document’s details from various departments, such as Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), South African Revenue Services (SARS), and National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). If you receive any funds from these financial aid programs, SASSA will keep your application on hold and might even decline it. Therefore, you must confirm that your bank account doesn’t receive any funds. Furthermore, if your status check is pending, it means your application is under the validation process. You should keep checking the status for updates.


Though there is no such solution to fix this problem because it might be due to several reasons, these factors may help you solve it. You should double-check the details you entered in the required fields. If you notice any mistake, you must contact SASSA and look for its immediate solution. Furthermore, you must not receive any funds in your bank account, or else SASSA will keep your application on hold.

In case of a declined application, you can visit the online site of SASSA and contact its representatives for an appeal. Moreover, if you don’t receive updates about your application, you should update your contact details and enter your other contact. You can appeal to SASSA, so it will command the agencies to verify your application and release your SRD R350 check. If all your details are correct and your application is on hold, it is under the validation process, so you must wait for further updates.

What To Do If My SASSA Status Check Is Pending?
SASSA status check pending

Apply For SRD R350

To apply for the SRD R350 grant, you should visit SASSA’s online site. Then, you should scroll to the “how do I apply for SRD?” section. After clicking this section, you should click the apply button and fill in the required fields. You must enter your correct mobile number to avoid any inconvenience.

Then, you should click the “send SMS” button. You will receive a pin code for the verification. All you need to do is add a pin code in the required field and continue the application process by filling in all the details. After filling in the details, you must double-check all information and click the “submit” button. Your application will then enter the validation process by different agencies.


The pending process doesn’t have an exact duration. Therefore, it can take up to a few hours, days, or even months. Your application might be on hold because of several reasons. There are high chances that your application is under the verification process by different government agencies.

Several reasons might be the reason for your pending application. If there is any mistake in your documents, SASSA will keep your application on hold for further validation. Moreover, there might be a delay from SASSA because of the late verification process. You should regularly visit the site and check your application’s status.

Although the application process for the SRD R350 is easy, it might take some time to approve. SASSA offers SRD to unemployed people to help them fulfill the basic needs of their lives. To apply for SRD, you must be unemployed and shouldn’t receive funds from other financial aid programs.

There is a chance that there was misinformation in your application, so SASSA is delaying your payment. Furthermore, there are high chances that your application is under the validation process to confirm the details.

You can’t apply for the SRD program if you receive funds from other platforms. The primary requirement of SASSA SRD funding is that a person must be unemployed and shouldn’t accept funds from other financial aid programs, or SASSA will decline his application.


The above guide contains a detailed answer to your question, what to do if my SASSA status check is pending? Various factors can cause a delay in your application process. Once you submit your application, SASSA sends it for the verification process to verify the details. The verification process can take some time. Sometimes SASSA keeps your application on hold because of the overload of applications. Furthermore, it can keep your application on hold because of the lack of funds. SASSA might decline your application in case of misinformation in the application.

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