SASSA SRD Reconsideration Appeal and Status Check 2024

How To Fill SASSA Appeal Form?

SASSA SRD Reconsideration Appeal and Status Check

If you consider applying for the current SRD appeal and are confused about the procedure. You can follow the given steps to fill out the SASSA appeal form.

  • Visit the website and click the button with the text, ‘click here to lodge an appeal or check appeal status.’ 
  • Provide your identification number and correct contact number. 
  • Enter ‘send pin‘ and wait for the verification pin to arrive.
  • Choose the month you are applying for. 
  • Now select the reason for your appeal with the help of a drop-down.
  • Submit and wait for the result.

How To Check SASSA Reconsideration Status?

The South African Social Security Agency receives more than 12 million applications, many of which get rejected. However, applicants can appeal for a SASSA reconsideration request. Once your application gets approved, you can view your SRD reconsideration status. To check your status, you need to fill out the following form.

Reason Behind Your ‘Pending’ Or ‘Rejected’ R350 Grant Application 

There are various stages in processing your SRD 350 application. If the status shows pending or rejected, it might be due to multiple reasons. For instance, the information you have put in might be wrong. If this is the case, then you will have to request an appeal to SASSA to verify and update your correct information. In the case of a rejected application, the applicant might have inconsistent income flow in a specific period, which he failed to mention. Another reason can be that the applicant is already receiving relief from SASSA for another purpose. It could also be because of age requirements. 

Track Your Sassa Appeal Status 

All applicants of the r350 SASSA appeal are given an option to view their status. Here you can see if your appeal was approved or denied. Often, applicants see ‘Pending’ in their status. It means that the company has viewed your application and has some errors or verification issues that need to be checked. You can keep a check on your SASSA appeal status by following these simple steps.

  • Contact SASSA on their provided toll-free number, 0800601011. Once connected, share your contact information and identification number.
  • You can check your status and inquire about it through the agency without any charges. They will ask a few crucial questions essential for verification.
  • Due to its heavy workload, connecting with the agency might take a bit longer. Don’t lose patience and keep calling till they pick up. 
  • Once SASSA checks your Sassa srd status, they will update you and help you with the procedure.

Update Regarding SASSA Appeal Payment Schedule for 2023

The South African Social Security Agency SASSA grant distribution has a specific payment schedule. The recipients will be able to receive their grant on the second day of each month. If the second day occurs on a weekend or a public holiday, the distribution will be given out the next working day. For October, the grants will be allotted on Monday, October 3, as the 2nd of October falls on Sunday. 

  • Grants for the elderly will be allotted from Monday, 3rd of October 2022.
  • Grants for the disabled will be given on Tuesday, 4th of October 2022.
  • Grants for children will be distributed on Wednesday, the 5th of October.

However, the SRD SASSA appeal for r350 payment dates is not definite. However, the social relief of distress SRD applicants will be notified of the upcoming payment schedules through a messaging service to receive their grants. The beneficiaries of the social relief of distress can receive payouts using any of the three options; cash pickup, direct bank transfers, or SASSA cards.  

Procedure To Appeal SASSA R350 Rejection Through Moya App

The purpose of applying for an SRD SASSA appeal is to find out why your grant is rejected if you have been declined. Although most decline cases are solvable through reconsideration appeals, some cases need different solutions. It all depends on the reason. For example, if the appeal is declined due to a verification error, you might have to recheck the information and update it. We have simplified the steps to ease up this procedure for you.

Following are the steps to apply for SASSA appeal reconsideration through the Moya app.


Open the Moya app and wait for it to load fully before scrolling for other options.


As you scroll down, you will find a reconsideration request option. A yellow button is labeled with the message ‘Click here to apply online or check reconsideration‘.


Wait for the reconsideration link to open fully; add the required details, such as your id card number and accurate phone number, to proceed with your application. After submission, look for the ‘send pin‘ toggle.


Wait for the code to arrive at the contact number and add the pin code to the shared space.


In this step, carefully choose the option opposite to which you were denied. For instance, if your cause of rejection shows ‘UIF registered’ or for having ‘alternative income sources, choose ‘not UIF registered’ and similarly ‘no alternative income sources’ as your expression.

The response to the reconsideration application of the SASSA SRD appeal might take a while. Don’t lose hope, and be patient with the process. After the application is reviewed, you will be able to check its status, and on approval, you will be eligible to receive grants.

How Much Time Does it Take for r350 Pending  Appeal To Be Approved? 

The SASSA receives millions of applications, leaving several rejected for various reasons. Although, the applicants have the right to submit an appeal if they are not satisfied with the company’s judgment. It will take around 60-90 days after submission of the appeal to receive a response over the final decision.

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