SASSA Child Grant Application and Requirements 2024

SASSA social grant has its chief objective to support South Africans’ financially. It aims to improve the living standard of the residents who have no source of income. The child support grant, which is one of the provisions of the SASSA SRD grant, also aims to promote better living standards for children.

SASSA Child Grant Application and Requirements 2022

The child support program helps the children of South Africa by financially supporting their primary caretaker belonging to a low-income group. A child in the children’s support program is defined as any juvenile under the age of 18 years. One can apply for the child support program and download the SASSA e-forms from their official site

Here is the guidebook to follow when you are about to apply for the children’s support program.

SASSA Grant Application Process

Before you apply for the program, you must confirm the eligibility criteria and must cross-check your credentials to the eligibility criteria.

  • The person who is willing to apply for the children’s support program must be the kid’s primary caretaker. The caretaker could be a blood relation like parents, elder siblings, grandparents, other relatives, or the foster parents.
  • You must be living within the boundaries of South Africa, which will make you a South African. The local nationality is essential for the grant.
  • One cannot apply for a grant for kids over six. However, if you are seeking support for your foster or biological children, this condition does not apply.
  • The marital status and associated financial income also matter. If you are single as parents or guardians, your annual earnings must not exceed R52 800.
  • On the other hand, if you are married, the income should be less than R105 600. Note that the income here means the total income of both spouses.          

The grant system not only has some specifications associated with the caretakers, but the kids must also meet the criteria set for them by the SASSA children’s grant. Before filling in the SASSA child grant online application 2023, you must get your credentials matched with the criteria.

  • The children should be less than or equal to 17 years old.
  • The children must be living with the applicant, who is also their primary caretaker.
  • They must not be enjoying any other social support from the state.
  • Both the child and their caretaker must have African nationality. Both entities are obliged to live in South Africa for the SASSA Child grant.

It must be kept in mind that if the applicant and the child do not share the bloodline, the applicant will have to provide a written note of permission from local officials to submit the SASSA child grant application online.

How to Apply for SASSA Child Support?

In order to apply for a child grant online, the e-forms for the purpose are available online. In addition, you can also visit the office and fill out the application form under the supervision of a SASSA officer at a counter service point of the Regional office.

Legally, only SASSA officers at regional offices or the applicants themselves are allowed to fill out the form, and third-party intervention is forbidden. Once the information is registered in the application form, you will get a receipt. The applicants must keep the receipt safe because it is the only proof that their application form has been provided.

What documents do you need to apply for the Children Support Program?

The documents you need while applying for SASSA are listed below:

  • Applicant’s ID documents
  • In case the applicant is married, they will have to provide the ID documents of their spouses as well.
  • Birth Certificate of the kid.
  • If the child is receiving any other social service offered by the government, the applicant is obliged to provide their details in the application form.
  • Documents showing their income information and assets. These may include bank statements, salary, and pensions.
  • The applicants who are jobless and have no other income source must provide Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).
  • In the case of a married applicant, they are obliged to provide their marriage certificate.
  • You must provide a court order if you have adopted the child.
  • If a kid’s parents are dead, you must provide their death certificate.
  • In the case of missing parents, the applicant must furnish SASSA with the missing parents’ certificate.

What should you do if you do not have an ID or birth certificate?

You are fostering a kid or looking after your biological child but do not bear enough financial income to support their life. You want to apply for the SASSA children support grant, but you do not bear an ID or birth certificate; what would you do?

Nothing to worry about; we are here with the latest news about SASSA grants. One thing you need to do is to furnish the SASSA with an affidavit that complies with SASSA’s standard format. The SASSA officer will guide you in this regard.

However, the affidavit is produced under the supervision of the Commissioner of Oath. You will require a statement sworn by a reputable person. The reputable person here may imply a social worker, minister of religion, counselor, and traditional leader. The selected person must know the applicant in person.

Your application’s chances of rejection drop if you apply for an ID at the Home Affairs department. You will get a temporary ID issued by the department if you meet their criteria. You may also need to attach the school report of the kid and their health card with the application form.

How SASSA Pays Child Support Grant?

SASSA offers multiple channels to reimburse the beneficiaries based on their ease.

If the applicant shows their inability to collect money by themselves, they can assign power of attorney to a trustworthy person who can substitute them for money collection at SASSA. Here are the methods of payment adopted by SASSA:

  • Cash payments: The applicants can collect the payment from any franchise selected by SASSA at any payment point.
  • Bank Deposit: You may provide SASSA with your bank details and get your money transferred to your bank account.
  • Grand Administration Institute.

How much will you be paid?

The amount of the children’s support funds changes every year. As we bring you the latest news about SASSA grants, the monthly grant for this year is R480 per child.

How to Check the Status of Your Application?

  • You can check your SASSA balance via your cell phone by dialing *120*3210# and following the instructions.
  • You can check your balance and the status of the application by sending SASSA to the SASSA WhatsApp number;  082 046 8553. Next, reply ” status.” and type “yes” if you bear the reference number. Make sure to use the same WhatsApp number you provided in the application form for a status check. Provide them with your reference number.
  • The applicants can also keep track of their SASSA application and SASSA balance through their official website. You can also check your status through the form available on this webpage.

Grant Reviews and Reasons for Suspension

SASSA reviews the grant and makes sure that only the person in need receives the grant. In case SASSA is going to review your application, the agency will inform you regarding the process three months ahead. The purpose is to look into the financial status of the applicants and the children.

The applicants must cooperate with the review process. Otherwise, there is a risk of suspension for the application. The agency may also suspend your application if they notice fraudulent activity or any inaccurate information provided in the application form.

Other situations where the application might be suspended by SASSA include when the children are no longer in the custody of the applicant. In addition, if there are changes in your financial and health records. Moreover, if they find any error in the provided information by the applicant.

Why SASSA Child Support Grant Lapses?

SASSA will terminate child support grants in certain cases, which are listed below:

  • When the child in question is dead.
  • When the child turns 18. More specifically, the grant terminates one month before the child turns 18 years.
  • When the child does not live in South Africa.
  • When the child is enjoying another social grant offered by the government.
  • When the applicant does not collect a grant of three months from the SASSA franchise.

What to do When the Application is not Approved?

The applicant can send a reconsideration appeal to SASSA in case the application has not been approved. You can appeal for reconsideration to the Minister of Social Development within three months after they have been notified of their application’s rejection.

In situations where you want to cancel your children’s social grant, you can visit the nearest SASSA branch office and submit the following documents:

  • Bank statement for the last three months
  • Appointment Letter
  • Childbirth Certificate
  • ID document of the parents


South African parents who are willing to provide their kids with the best living standards but are constrained by their financial status can apply for a Children’s social grant. They can apply for the grant following the process mentioned above and get the form through the official site SASSA. They can also browse their SASSA application status check on the site.

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