Reinstate my Canceled Application to SASSA

Before, many beneficiaries annulled their SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) applications, expecting they could reinstate their applications later. But they were doomed to fail because there was no method for reinstatement. But later, the SASSA, on their Facebook page, formally announced that those whose SRD (Social Relief Of Distress) R350 application was annulled can now apply for reinstatement.

Hence, if you have canceled your application for various reasons, you can now apply for it again as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for SASSA grants. Follow the guidelines provided below to reinstate your application effortlessly.

Reinstate Canceled Application to SASSA

How To Reinstate My Cancelled SASSA Application

As a beneficiary, you possess the complete authority to annul your SASSA grants anytime you desire if you do not require them anymore. There are multiple factors behind why your application was canceled. It can be due to:

  • Your initiation because you are no longer in monetary turmoil, you found some other resources, or you found a good-paying job
  • SASSA system error
  • You did not provide mandatory documents
  • You did not renew your information

But after the cancelation of your application, if you find yourself in a financial crisis again, you can apply for the reinstatement of your application for the R350 grant. Let me walk you through the steps on how you can reinstate your application online.

Step 1: Visit The Website

Firstly, navigate to the website The site provides all the necessary procedures and information on the SRD grant. You can access this website if you are in further need of assistance.

Step 2: Section “Reinstate My Canceled Grant Application”

Glide the tab towards the bottom, and you will see the option “reinstate my canceled grant application.” After this, you will observe the “click here to reinstate online” option below the section. Press it. The website is easy to operate. Hence you can easily navigate through it.

Step 3: Enter The Required Information

Next, you will be asked for your mobile and South African ID numbers. The same numbers you used when applying for the application. After recording your details on the form, click “send pin.” Let me remind you that you must enter the correct data to ensure no possibility of any error. Hence be very careful during the process.

Step 4: SMS Notification

After the last process, you will receive a message notification on your mobile comprising an OTP (One-Time Pin) code. Enter this pin in the required mandatory category. And then press “verify pin.”

Step 5: Reason For Reinstating

After verifying, they would ask for a reason as to why you are reinstating your application. You will be presented with options such as canceled in error, no longer having income or other. Select the correct reason. A message will pop up asking you, “Are you sure you want to reinstate the grant”?. It’s just a confirmation message; you must click yes to proceed.

The system will process your application. Hence you might need to wait for a little, but don’t worry; it might only take minutes and seconds. If your application meets the required eligibility criteria, it will be accepted, and you will receive feedback from the system shortly. Therefore you must meet the requirement before applying for the grants.

Why Should You Reinstate Your Application

The applicants might have canceled their applications because they found a stable job and can financially support themselves. Hence, they don’t need grants and will no longer be eligible to apply for them.

But if you later find yourself in a very difficult position and can’t financially support yourself, you can then reinstate your application. Hence you will keep on receiving the benefits. Moreover, you can cancel and reinstate whenever it suits you.

Keep in mind that the SRD applicants must update or reconfirm their application, at a minimum, once every three months. Therefore, you must update your details.


Yes, you can reapply as long as you meet the eligibility criteria. Moreover, your application must be approved again for you to receive grants.

Once you cancel your application, you will no longer receive money from SASSA until you reinstate your application.

In The End

If the recipients have canceled their application for certain reasons and now want to re-activate can effortlessly re-apply by following the procedure mentioned in the article. If you require additional information regarding the grant, you can visit the SASSA website or call their helpline number 0800 60 10 11.

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