How to Submit Banking Details to SASSA? 2024

The South African Social Security Agency aims to provide financial relief to the people of South Africa. To make this intent true, the agency has initiated several grants to benefit unprivileged people. To take benefit from SASSA grants, you must apply for the grant. 

After applying, your application will pass through verification and means tests. If you qualify in both tests, then SASSA will send you an SMS on the cell phone number you provided at the time of signing up for the application. 

After this process, you must provide your bank details and credentials to SASSA. You will receive an SMS containing a one-time secure SASSA banking details link. You have to reply to the SMS as soon as possible. 

Please do not share the link with anyone; it is sent to a specific ID number to ensure security. Follow the steps mentioned in the link, and you will be able to submit your banking details to SASSA.

What If You Submit the Wrong Banking Details to SASSA?

The mishap can happen to anyone. That’s why SASSA has made an option to change your banking details. If you submit incorrect banking details to SASSA, you can change your banking details through the official website of SASSA SRD.

How to Submit SASSA Banking Details through the SRD website?

To change SRD banking details, follow the instructions mentioned below

First, visit the official website of SASSA.

Scroll down the site until you find the tab with the inscription “How Do I Change My Banking Details’.

Click on the tab. They will ask you for your cell phone and ID number.

Input the information asked and tap on the submit button.

SASSA will send you a secure one-time link to your mobile number via SMS. The link validity is only 30 minutes, so it’s wise to open the link immediately.

Tap the link and wait for the page to load. Now choose the bank in which your account is currently present.

Then input your name, account number, and type of your account.

Now click on the submit button. After confirmation, SASSA will send a message to your cell phone number.

Note: It is mandatory that you are the actual or primary owner of the bank account. You can’t receive SASSA payments to the bank account of others. This step is for security purposes.

After submitting SRD banking details to SASSA, they will verify your credentials. SASSA will request your bank to share a report of your account’s cash flow. There isn’t a specific timeframe for the verification of banking details.

To check your SRD Status, please click the button below:

How to Switch Payment Methods?

SASSA has encouraged its beneficiaries to select their bank account as a payment method as it is the most efficient and quickest way to receive payments. If you want to switch your payment method to your bank account, follow the same method given above and choose a payment method you prefer after receiving the link.

What to Do When The SASSA Banking Details Link is Not Working? 

An error like ‘Token Expire’ or ‘Token Invalid’ occurs when the link you received has expired in its 30 minutes time frame. If it happens, you must wait a day before requesting a new link. If your mobile that received the link is not compatible with wifi or data or the internet connection is weak, then forward the link to a mobile phone with good internet. Use the smartphone to open the link within the expiry time of 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQs)

There is no specific time frame in which SASSA can verify your application. It takes seven business days for the banks to verify and respond to SASSA about your banking details.

No! It is not allowed. You can’t use any other person’s bank account to receive SASSA payments.

SASSA will send your banking details to the department of Treasury and the specific bank you chose. When verified, the application goes to the treasury for re-confirmation and then back to SASSA.

There are several payment methods for SASSA, like the post office, send cash, bank account, ShopRite, Checkers, PicknPay, and Boxer Stores. You can select any of them depending on availability, but the most preferred way is a bank account.

If your bank details are verified but you didn’t receive payments. It means SASSA hasn’t processed the payment. The agency knows this error, so be patient. Just keep checking your bank account for SASSA grant payments. They will release your payments soon.

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