How To Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits?

If you want to know how to claim SASSA funeral benefits quickly and conveniently then you must read the following article. I will endeavor to explain everything relating to this matter including who can claim these benefits and what things must be considered while making the claim. In addition to that, I will also list down all the documents that you must have with you when you apply for these benefits.

So, the following read is going to provide immense knowledge to you so make sure that you take out a few minutes of your time to read what I have to say to you. So with that being said, we should get down to the details without wasting any time, shall we?

How To Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits

SASSA is well known to provide funeral benefits to its beneficiaries. In fact, it works in a very refined pattern. For instance, if a member of your family dies a sudden unfortunate death and he/she also happens to be a SASSA beneficiary, nobody would be able to collect their SASSA payments on their behalf, am I right?

Now, let’s suppose you bore all the expenses of their funeral and want to claim the funeral benefits of the dead person, you can certainly do so very easily. SASSA will pay the unclaimed amount in the account of the dead beneficiary and pay it to you. Documents Required To Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits

How To Claim SASSA Funeral Benefits

Obviously, SASSA won’t just hand over the money to you easily, you will have to produce a few documents in order to verify that the person in question is really dead and you are claiming the money that you spent on his funeral. So, you must take the following documents with you when you go to the SASSA office to claim the money.

  • Death Certificate of the SASSA member who has died.
  • Identify the Card of the dead person.
  • Your own original Identity card.
  • Invoices of all the expenses incurred on the funeral.
  • Explaining The Procedure.

Once you have compiled all the aforementioned documents, your next step is to apply for the funeral benefits. For that, you will have to visit the SASSA office personally and take along the documents with you. You may go to any SASSA office nearest to your location.

Applying for the funeral benefits is pretty straightforward and you will have the support of a SASSA officer in filling out the form for this purpose. You will receive your money in only a few days after SASSA scrutinizes all the documents you submitted.

However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind when applying for funeral benefits. First, it is imperative that you bring the receipts of the funeral expenses because SASSA will not reimburse any amount to you unless it is on a receipt. So, make sure that you get the receipts of any expense you incur if you intend to claim the benefits later on.

Secondly, if more than one family member paid for the expenses, they can not separately claim the funeral benefits. So, I would advise you that only one family member visits the SASSA office and claims the benefits. Once the amount has been reimbursed, you could distribute the money between yourselves privately.

In case more than one person shows up at the SASSA office trying to claim the benefits, it will cause confusion and greatly reduce your chances of ever receiving the money. SASSA is very careful with all its payouts, it does not compromise reckless and unethical behavior.

The Bottom Line

So, this was all from my side and I hope that you all found this article very helpful. I tried my best to compile all the information that I had and could find through my intensive research and summarize it all for your assistance. So, make sure that you share it with your friends and family who could benefit from this article as well.

In any case, I would like to sum up this entire discussion by pointing out the focal points of the discussion. So, you can now claim all the money that you may have spent on the funeral of your family member who also happened to be a SASSA member. The entire procedure is quite simple however, you will have to compile a set of documents without which you can not claim a single penny from SASSA.

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