How to Apply For SASSA Old Age Pension in 2024?

The South African Social Security Agency has initiated a welfare idea to help poor people. With its commitment, SASSA provides aid to people who can’t afford basic commodities. For this purpose, the agency has created a number of grants to help the local people of South Africa. One of these grants includes the SASSA Older Persons Grant. It is also known as SASSA Old Age Pension. 

SASSA has introduced this grant to help people aged 60 or above. Aged people don’t have enough courage to manage their expenses. Moreover, they also have to spend extra on their healthcare costs. Many such people don’t receive any financial aid from their children either. Hence, SASSA took this initiative. This grant ensures monetary help for retired older people. If you want to apply for this grant, further read our article.

Eligibility Criteria for SASSA Older Persons Grant

To apply, first, you have to know whether you are eligible or not. We have mentioned the criteria for qualification below.

  • You should be aged 60 or above.
  • Your physical health doesn’t permit you to do any job.
  • You should own the Nationality of South Africa. Your residence must be fixed in the country. You can also apply if you are a refugee and currently living in South Africa.
  • Your name should not be registered in other social grants.
  • You should not be living in a care institution such as a jail, rehabilitation center, or old age house.
  • You should pass the means test.

Eligibility Criteria In Terms of Means Test

  • If you are single, your monthly income should be less than R 86 280.
  • For married applicants, your monthly income should not exceed R 172 560.
  • If you are single, you should not own assets worth over R 1 227 600.
  • For married individuals, the worth of assets of the couple should not exceed R 2 455 200.

How to Apply For SASSA Old Age Pension?

If you think you are eligible for the grant, you should apply. To apply, you will need numerous documents. The documents you will need at the time of application are listed below.

What Documents Will You Need at the Time of Application?

  • Your SASSA ID. If you don’t own an ID, then contact SASSA representatives to get your ID.
  • Proof of your marriage (if married)
  • Evidence of your permanent residence
  • Proof of your income or financial aid by children (if any)
  • Validation of your possessions, including the worth of your property.
  • Evidence of pension coming from any private departments
  • Verification of your bank documents
  • Proof of your previous employment
  • Confirmation of your spouse’s death through a certificate

You can apply for SASSA Old Age Pension if you have all the above documents. You can apply through different platforms such as the SASSA SRD website, SASSA USSD helpline number, or SASSA Whatsapp number. You can also get an application form by visiting the nearest SASSA office.

How to apply for SASSA Old Age Pension through the SASSA SRD website?

  • Visit the SRD website of SASSA. You will see an application bar stating ‘How Do I Apply For This SRD Grant.’ Under the application bar, you will see a yellow button with the text written, ‘Click Here To Apply Online.’
  • Click on the button, and they will ask for your cell phone number. Input your mobile phone number, and you will receive an SMS containing a 6-digit OTP pin.
  • Input the OTP pin in the space given.
  • SASSA will ask you for some information, input them and fill out the remaining application form.

How to apply for SASSA Old Age Pension through the SASSA Whatsapp number?

  • First, open your phone. Add 082 046 8553 as a number in your contact list.
  • Go to Whatsapp and compose a message. Write ‘Hi’ and send it to SASSA. The agency will send you a response.
  • Respond to their message and text ‘Help‘ to them. You will receive a manual with various options.
  • Text 4 to the number, and then you will receive another message from SASSA. Respond by texting ‘SRD’.
  • SASSA will ask you for your Id and Phone number. Input them and fill in the remaining information to complete your application.

How to apply for SASSA Old Age Pension through the USSD number of SASSA?

  • Open your phone and call on 0800 601 011. The representatives of SASSA will drop you a line on this matter.

You can also apply by visiting the nearest SASSA office. The representatives of SASSA will issue an application form to you and give you a comprehensive guide about the application of SASSA.

For more queries about how to apply for SASSA Old Age Pension, contact the agency through the given platforms.

  • Call SASSA on their USSD helpline number.
  • Text SASSA on their Whatsapp number.
  • Email SASSA. The email ID of SASSA is ‘[email protected]’.

The representatives of the agency will give you a complete answer to your queries.

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