The South African Social Security Agency is an agency that aims to provide aid to the unprivileged people of South Africa. This agency has created grants benefiting deserving people to make this aim true. SASSA sends the payments to its grant beneficiaries. It has also issued a card to its beneficiaries to withdraw the amounts. 

It was rumored that SASSA provides loans to its beneficiaries. Please note that this information is entirely wrong, but there is a way from which you can get SASSA loans through different sources. To know more about SASSA loans, read our article further.

What Are SASSA Loans?

SASSA has always tried to reduce the ratio of poverty and unemployment. To make this aim come true, it provides several grants to fulfill the needs of people in South Africa. The grants offered by SASSA include a Care Dependency Grant, Child Support Grant (children below 18 years), Disability Grant, Foster Child Grant, Grant In Aid, Older Persons Grant (Old Age pension), COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD 350), War Veterans Grant.

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Social Relief of Distress (SRD 350), War Veterans Grant. 

If you are a beneficiary of one of these grants, then SASSA must have issued a card to you. Some lenders lend money to SASSA beneficiaries and use SASSA cards as a guarantee. These loans given by money lenders are known as SASSA loans.

From the National Credit Regulator (NCR) investigation, SASSA learned about these money lenders.

According to the report of SASSA, money lenders offer loans at a high-interest rate. They usually offer loans to the recipients of social grants. They also force the loan recipient to purchase an extra card and insurance policy. In some cases, money lenders keep pursuing the amount through the SASSA card of the recipient, even after repaying the loan.

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SASSA Reaction

When SASSA learned about these lenders, the agency slammed them by posting a tweet. SASSA posted a tweet on March 12, 2018, which mentioned that it doesn’t give anyone any loans or financial expenses. SASSA added in the tweet that the beneficiaries of SASSA grants are advised not to take loans as it will end in unwanted deduction of money from their grant wallet.

Rules and Principles of SASSA About Money Lenders and Recipients of Loan

Below are a few important rules SASSA has set after the revelation of this money lending fiasco. 

  • According to section 20 (0) of the social assistance act, giving your SASSA card to anyone as a guarantee to get a loan is illegal.
  • If any money lender is caught possessing a SASSA card, police will arrest and punish him.
  • The money lender has no right to own documents of SASSA beneficiaries related to grants.
  • If any of the beneficiaries of SASSA got caught exchanging or transferring their SASSA card with anyone, SASSA would suspend or cancel their grant through immediate orders.

What Steps Has SASSA Taken to Stop These Money Lenders?

To stop these money lenders, SASSA has taken a step. From now onwards, the agency will take a record of intent which beneficiaries will sign. This procedure will only be done for the safety of SASSA cards. This step will ensure the safety of funds that SASSA transfers to the card. It wouldn’t let SASSA beneficiaries give their card to anyone for loan purposes or others.

Should You Take The Loan?

In today’s world, everything is expensive, even the needed items, especially in South Africa. In the costly and crucial economy of South Africa, it isn’t easy to survive. But taking a loan is not a solution. If you take a loan, you must pay more than you took. 

For example, if you take a loan of R 250 after a month, the loan of R 250 will become R 350 with interest. You will only lose your R 100. Debts and loans would ruin your life. If debts are on your head, you will only progress towards downfall. Please stop looking towards SASSA loans, which do not exist officially. Start earning money online or physically through your talent without wasting time.


SASSA doesn’t provide any loans to its beneficiaries. They only offer aid to people through their grants. If you are financially unstable, take a loan from someone with an NCR certificate. If the lender doesn’t show you the certificate, then keep in mind that something is wrong. National Debts Advisors is now given a detailed guide on their clients’ loans. 

Follow the ways we have mentioned below to contact representatives of NDA.

  • You can contact them through their USSD number. 012 111 9370 is their USSD helpline number. 
  • Visit their website and input your personal information and email ID. In response, they will contact you.

You can contact NDA through email. Their email IDs are “[email protected].” or “[email protected].”

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